The Genius of a Place was made specifically to raise awareness about the fragility of places in the modern world and the need to find new ways to take care of them. Every screening of the film allows the event’s organizers to share the film’s messages and can also be used to promote dialogue among participants about shared responsibilities for taking care of the places we love.

The traditional form of outreach is via live screenings of the film followed by discussion, sometimes with the presence of one or more members of the film’s creative team. That said, “digital events” can also be created, allowing organizations to invite their respective members, employees, citizens or students to watch the film on-line.

Events of this sort can be hosted by non-profit organizations, schools, companies and organizations of all sorts.

To arrange a live or digital screening of this film is a way of engaging in a constructive conversation about our places, their challenges and our collective well-being.

To learn more, contact us and we’ll create a proposal based upon your needs.

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This documentary film helps us see the "genius" of the places around us: their strengths, their difficulties, their hopes.

It's a film recommended for anybody that has at least one place of the heart.

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Our relationships with others contributes to our affection for our places. Watching this film together with others enhances the experience, creating an occasion for sharing thoughts, ideas and reflections.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change
the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” [Margaret Mead]

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