“A gem of a film, as charming as the Tuscan town it so lovingly captures.
A documentary that has relevance for endangered communities everywhere.”

[Mark J. Harris, director]

“We hope change can be managed in an intelligent way.”

[Frances Mayes, author]

“It’s not just for us. It’s for our children, our grandchildren…”

[Jeremy Irons, actor]


The Genius of a Place tells the story of what is happening in Cortona, Italy as a way of examining the effects of globalization on the places we love.
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An American filmmaker, with the help of three Italians, tells the story of her affection and concerns for a small Tuscan town, in a tale that applies to every place.
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To get a sense of the film’s engaging style and voice, watch the first few minutes of The Genius of a Place and see how it all started.
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This documentary film helps us see the "genius" of the places around us: their strengths, their difficulties, their hopes.

It's a film recommended for anybody that has at least one place of the heart.

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Our relationships with others contributes to our affection for our places. Watching this film together with others enhances the experience, creating an occasion for sharing thoughts, ideas and reflections.

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To take care of our places is to take care of ourselves
and hope lies in the choices we can make.

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